Ministries We Support

CCE feels it's important to support God's mission, both locally and around the world. If you feel strongly about a ministry or outreach that you would like us to consider supporting, which you have prayerfully taken before God, please bring it to the attention of our leadership. We also support Life-way Pregnancy Center, pastor Woody Barnette, Charles King, and Outward Focused.


Summit International School of ministry

The school was founded in 1994 through the ministry of David Wilkerson. Summit's two-year program prepares men and women to live lives of devotion and service to the Lord, to the church and to the world at large. Their goal is that students will leave the school fully equipped to make disciples for Christ in whatever vocation they are called to.

father's heart.jpg

The Father's heart ministries, inc.

The Father's Heart Ministries is committed to providing avenues to restore hope to lost, confused, and broken souls, to break the cycle of poverty, and to revitalize our surrounding communities by introducing them, through a living example, to a personal, ever-growing, and unconditionally loving relationship with Jesus Christ.


Metro World child

With headquarters in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, Metro World Child currently operates programs at more than 200 sites in New York City, as well as in the Philippines, Romania, South Africa, Kenya and India. Metro serves over 150,000 children each week with after school programs, Sunday School services, child sponsorship, special programs and personal home visits.