Another Great Prayer For the US President

"Deliver me from my enemiesO Godbe my fortress against those who are attacking me.  Deliver me from evildoers and save me from those who are after my blood....Arise to help melook on my plight!...I will sing of Your strengthin the morning I will sing of Your love;..YouGodare my fortressmy God on Whom I can rely."  (Psalm 59, NIV) 

If I say that the Bible is practical, I would get a rousing, "Amen," from most.  Yet I am more and more aware also of just how much "Bible-study"-limitations so many place upon the Bible.  I found in Psalm 59 today another prayer for the US President.

Our text was written by a shepherd, a warrior, and soon-to-be king.  But they were also written by a man who was literally "running for his life."  These Words were not written for a Bible study group or vacation Bible school.  David's very life depended upon the Living Triune God answering this most desperate of requests.  I have written before that when I was younger I didn't "connect" to the Book of Psalms.  The reason?  I was reading them as "religious" writings, not day to day life empowering prayers.  Besides, I was young; what did I know of suffering?  

The Luke 18 passage which says, "Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up," is a continual invitation of Jesus to, "seek His Face."  This is Jesus, "the Good Shepherd," calling us to a life of ceaseless fellowship and utter dependence upon Him. I submit to you, however, that many do not follow this command because they get so overwhelmed that they don't know how or what to pray.  A good start would be instead of just "dance as David danced," and, "sing as David sang," remember that the words of that song also say, "I will pray as David prayed."  A good place to start?--- Pray what David prayed.  

Father, in Jesus' Name, I thank You that You give so many "words" to pray that I need to pray.  Amen.

~ Pastor Woody Barnette