A Visit to Mount Zion School of Ministry (9/4/16)

My wife and I had the privilege of visiting Summit International School of Ministry this weekend; formerly, Mount Zion School of Ministry. Pastor Nick Godshall was speaking on "putting on the full armor of God" in Ephesians chapter 6. His summary was excellent; putting on the armor means that we put off the old, sinful man and put on the new man, which was based on the context of Paul's letter to the Ephesians (see Eph. 4:24). Each piece of armor represents a different aspect of the new life in Christ, which we already possess (truth, righteousness, Gospel-peace, faith, the Word of God). We are already fully equipped for daily warfare! Now we must choose every day to pursue the heart of God and to use this Sword of the Spirit (God's Word) through prayer and action. After the sermon on Sunday, Samantha and I had the privilege of staying for a potluck luncheon and fellowshipping with staff. Thank you Haley and Pavel for making our visit truly special! God bless you, Mount Zion!

-- Pastor Roy