Our First Healing Service

We held our first healing service on Dec. 7th, and God showed up! It should be understood that this was truly God's healing service, just as 1 Peter 2:24 declares that "by His stripes (the blood of his sacrifice) we were healed..." If it's by Jesus' stripes, then it's His service, not ours. We started the evening with two thoughts.

First, healing is battle. In other words, persistence in prayer and claiming the battlefield through spiritual warfare, that is, warfare in the spiritual realm through the weaponry of the Holy Spirit. Each of our ministers on the healing team were anointed with oil and prayed over for fresh "anointing" of the Spirit. Only by the Holy Spirit's freedom and Jesus' total authority can anything get done in the spirit.

Second, healing is compassion. There is not a single passage of Scripture that says, "With great faith, Jesus healed them all..." On the contrary, what we find is, "Moved with compassion, Jesus healed..." (Matt 14:14; Mark 4:41). Thus armed with compassion and the affection of Christ Jesus, we fight the battle!

I'm purposely avoiding any exaggeration of the results of the service, but I can say with total conviction that God's healing presence showed up with great power and impression. Many of us felt his presence very strongly as we worshiped and prayed together. One person's testimony declared that God wrought deep emotional healing, demonstrating that God knows what area of my life most needs healed, even if I'm asking him to heal something else. With tears and great joy, we enjoyed the wonderful presence of God together. You won't want to miss our next healing service, the first Wednesday of each month. Bless you Jesus!

- Pastor Roy