Pray for Us

"Brothers and sisters, pray for us" (1 Thess. 5:25). As simple as this may sound, it is the lifeblood of the church. Otherwise, Paul wouldn't have asked the Thessalonians for it. Please pray for Covenant Church East. Pray for our marriages and our families. Pray for our ministries and our ministers. The church is full of full-time ministers; in fact, every single believer is called to full-time Christian service. You are a full-time minister! Please pray for us. Pray for next Wednesday's Healing Service. We can only have a healing service when God shows up. Pray for all of our outreaches, our nursing home ministry and homeless ministry. Pray for the Adelphoi Ministry and the Alpha Ministry. Pray that Bill and Mike and Erin are radically and completely healed, in Jesus' name. Pray that the Holy Spirit moves from our congregation to our homes, and from our homes to our church. Two weeks ago I spoke from the pulpit that this would indeed be so, so let's ask the Spirit to make his presence abound in our homes and in our families. Pray for our new members and our old members. Pray for God to make this church a place for 100 prophets, that this time next year we can baptize those who came and were unchurched, unsaved, or unbaptized. Pray with me for revival and renewal. "Brothers and sisters, pray for us..."

- Pastor Roy